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Your Quest for Depth

Embrace your second act.

Vibrant and Engaged

Today, we adults in our Second Act are capable of immense contribution.  Yet, societal ageism holds us hostage to outdated notions, portraying aging as an inevitable decline into frailty and dependence. 

Senior Woman

Prejudice is a great time saver. You can form opinions without having to get the facts.
- E.B. White

2nd Act Coaching objectives


You are entitled.

  • To life the life you envision for yourself .

  • Cultivate profound experiences. 

  • To embrace the vast array of opportunities awaiting you.

  •  Embark on a journey of self-discovery. growth, and enduring impact.

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Exhaustion gnawed at my bones* 

Our whirlwind lives magnify the feeling of  the years catching up and seeing a hint of "old" in the mirror. But the laugh lines are still there. My hair is still an elegant salt & pepper, and although my skin is a bit pale it's not aged. So why am I feeling exhausted?

I realized it wasn't age, but stress and worry. And relief washed over me - unlike age, these could be tackled!

I'm stressing because of society's negativity toward ageing, which is a recent thing. In the early 20th century, the  government set a mandatory retirement requirement to open jobs for younger folks after wars and depression.


And then the billion-dollar anti-aging industry is fueling the fire.

Ageism is everywhere - makeup marketed to young adults, fewer job options later in life, even dismissive doctors. No wonder we fear getting older.

But there's hope, we can fight this by focusing on well-being, health, purpose, and community.


We have the power to redefine aging for ourselves and rewrite the narrative.


Let's embrace the journey, not fear it.

Adapted from, Karen Wolrand, It's time for a Radiant Revolution.


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