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My Change of Life

You who know me, perceive through the lens of a high tech marketing executive. And I enjoy it. But something has been gnawing at me.

I've never wake up in the morning and say;

Gosh, I'm so excited to write that new ad copy.

But I want that... I want my eyes to open in the morning, with passion behind them. I couldn't relate to "do what you love, and it will not feel like work" until I started coaching.

Coaching is more than merely providing information. That's the least of what it means to coach.

Coaching puts the client at the center of the wellness experience - not by being an expert or consultant (though there is that), but by working as a partner to help them meet their goals, whether it be lower a1C, weight loss, dealing with dia-motions, or relationships. And there are fundamental abilities that the client also learns:

  • Self-awareness and self-knowledge

  • Increased self-responsibility

  • New knowledge and skills

  • Sustainable changes in behavior

  • Increased life satisfaction, a greater sense of self-esteem

The aim is to create a health and well-being kernel in which a client can grow it into a "tree of health" with many branches.

If you are a T1D or T2D and need help in achieving a health or wellness goal, let's take some time together to learn how we would work together.

Diabetes is also a whole family disease that affects everyone - parents, siblings and the extended family. Parents are especially hard hit. Sometimes guilt overwhelms them, or anger does, as well as not knowing where to start. My ebook My Child Has Diabetes aims to help parents effectively manage their child's diabetes.

I'm looking forward to sharing this new journey with you all.


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